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Eugene Environmental Film Festival Logo

About The Festival

The Eugene Environmental Film Festival believes in creating space and a platform to address and bring light to critical issues facing our planet. We support the work being done at local and global levels and share a deep connection and responsibility to protect the environment and work in solidarity with others in the struggle for environmental justice.

We do this through creating a 10 day event with meaningful and inspiring films, discussion, speakers, workshops, and special events starting the last weekend of September and ending the first weekend of October in downtown Eugene. We screen all films in person and offer online viewing with closed captions for accessibility. We also strive to provide opportunities to connect participants with outlets to take action on environmental and social justice issues.

We seek to raise awareness of all that is the environment globally and locally. We aim to provide a holistic perspective concerning the ways that we enjoy the environment; to understand the ways the environment feeds and nourishes us; to address the exploitation and harm to the environment; and to explore ways that we resist and protect the environment. Our vision is to raise awareness and inspire positive change.

Eugene is an ideal location to host an environmental film festival. We have great access to the outdoors with 10,000 ft. peaks to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Many people who live here are socially conscious about and active in environmental issues. There are numerous environmentally-based non-profits located in Eugene tackling issues such as food justice, local to global changes in laws and policies , sustainability, and environmental justice. Eugene is the birth place of Our Children's Trust, which is an organization to empower the voice of youth to protect the environment. And the City of Eugene has multiple sustainability initiatives.

If your film is chosen for the 2024 film festival we aim to provide complimentary lodging at a homestay, film festival passes, and access to special events. In addition, filmmakers have an opportunity to discuss their film at screenings and special events. This is a great opportunity for filmmakers to promote their work, inspire change, and network with others.

In addition, we carve out space for young filmmakers 18 years and younger. The purpose is to highlight youth involvement in, concern for, and protection of the environment.

We are a small group of dedicated individuals and look forward to your participation in next year's Eugene Environmental Film Festival.